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That’s It?

December 9, 2010

I spent last summer counting down the days until my departure for Quito. As I got on the plane, thinking about how quickly those days had passed, I felt a flash of sadness, because I knew the time in Ecuador would pass just as rapidly as the time spent waiting for Ecuador. I once wrote on this blog that I hoped I could make the most of my stay here, because “before I know it, I’ll be landing back in MSP, and it will be winter again.”

Well, in 11 days I’ll be landing in MSP, and it will indeed be winter (Mom & Dad, please bring a winter coat when you come pick me up from the airport). In the several-weeks-old spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m just grateful that I still get another 4 months here. Though, I’m equally grateful I finally get to go home. I’m excited to see my family, as many friends as possible (email/facebook me! Let’s hang out!) and have a break from the stress that MSID has been recently. And eat peanut butter, and go 2 weeks without eating a single plate of rice. Woo!

Here’s your obligatory apology for not posting in a while (I moved it a few paragraphs down, just to change things up). You haven’t missed much, really. The internship is over. The last two posts capture the best of it; the only times, in fact, that I ever did get to go out to a community. I spent almost all of my time volunteering in the public clinic, which, while still a great experience, was considerably slower than the hospital. I’ve also spent the past 2 weeks stressing out about the research project I have to design for next semester. I barely understand what public health research is, and I have almost nothing in the way of support while I’m in Tena, but I’m supposed to design and implement a study by myself (across language, culture, and skin color barriers, no less)? It doesn’t help that everything I want to do is probably wayyy too ambitious, anyway.

So yeah. I’m looking forward to being home for a bit. But first: Peru! Still haven’t bought my bus tickets (looking at a couple options, I am the king of procrastinating), but I’ll leave on a 32+ hour bus ride to Lima either tomorrow or Saturday night. The really depressing thing is that’s only about 2/3 of the way to Machu Picchu, which I’m dying to see. Even if I have to spend literally half of my time in Peru on a bus to do it, it will be worth it.

Since I will be living out of a backpack for the next few days, you probably won’t hear from me much. This will probably be the last post from this semester, except perhaps for when I post my Peru pictures. Thanks so much for reading; it really means a lot to me to see that you’re interested in what’s been going on. I promise some really awesome posts next semester, k?

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